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Internet you can smile about.

At GBT, our #1 goal is for you to connect to the world without worrying about your Internet and Wifi. Day or night, rain or shine, GBT Internet works for you.

Plans that fit you.

$ 39.95 / mo.*

Perfect for large families, work-from-home warriors, avid gamers and those who just want the best of the best.

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$ 49.95 / mo.*

Best for streaming HD videos, gaming and downloading large files.

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*Price valid when combined with auto-pay and ebill (paperless billing). $5 more without. Service may not be available in all areas/ GBT does not put data caps on its Internet tiers!

Why choose GBT Internet?

Only the best Internet

Superior Support

GBT’s customer support is nothing less than superior. With local customer service representatives, local technicians, local stores, and a 24/7 Help Desk, you can be sure you are getting the support you need.
Smooth Setup
Sign-up for world-class Internet service in less than 5 minutes and have professional technicians at your door ready to assist and answer any questions. With flexible and prompt install availability our goal is to make it easy for you.

Managed Protection

In today’s wireless world, it’s important to have a strong, reliable wireless network. With Managed Protection, you will have access to GBT’s expert technical support staff and top-of-the-line routers and technology. 

$ 9.95 / mo.*

Top-of-the-line Wifi router

To get the best Wi-Fi, you need the best router. We’ve got you covered.

Free on-site technical Wifi support.

GBT is here for you with any questions or issues.

Worry-free installation

Our techs install start to finish and optimize your Wi-Fi to fit your needs.

Fast speeds

No lag, buffering or downtime. Our routers utilize the newest Wi-Fi technology.

A simple, smooth setup.

Sign-up for world-class Internet service in less than 5 minutes and have professional technicians at your door ready to assist and answer any questions. With flexible and prompt install availability our goal is to make it easy for you.

Step 1


Sign-up online, contact one of our customer experience representatives over the phone, or stop in one of our 5 stores. With 3 ways to sign-up, you pick what works best for you!

Step 2


Our professional GBT Technicians provide a quick and custom installation experience. Their expert knowledge and attention to detail including analyzing your Wifi experience is our specialty.

Step 3


Your Internet experience is only as good as your wifi. With GBT’s professional support and Wifi analysis, we can ensure your home has the best wifi to cover every room in your house.


Why is GBT’s Internet your best option?
GBT has been providing Internet for 25 years and has experienced staff to assist you along the way. From sign-up to completion, GBT’s number one goal is to make sure your customer experience is exceptional in connecting you to the world.
Why is GBT’s Fiber Internet your best option?

In the Internet world, Fiber is the premium way to connect to the world, due to the reliability, robustness, and unmatched symmetrical Download and Upload speeds only fiber connections can achieve. When GBT brings Fiber to your home or business, you are getting a 10G-like technology at your door! Fiber gives GBT’s customers a future-proof network that can provide the fastest speeds with the best reliability in the world!

Does GBT data-cap or throttle our Internet?

With GBT’s Internet, we DO NOT data cap or throttle your Internet connection, meaning you can use our Internet as much as your heart desires, 24/7/365, at no additional monthly charge. GBT’s team of experts makes sure our network can handle all of our customer Internet traffic no matter what time it is.

What does the Internet installation process look like?

GBT prides itself on sending trained, professional technicians to your home. We value your time and will work with you to find a time and date that works best for installation. New Internet installations typically take less than two hours from start to finish.

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Resources to keep you moving forward.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a new federal program that helps low-income families afford the cost of Internet services. Eligible households receive up to a $30 discount on their Internet. Call us today – a GBT customer service representative will be happy provide more information about the program.

Who Is Eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program?
There are several ways that a household can qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP):
– If an adult or dependent participates in certain federal assistance programs
– Based on their household income
– If someone in the household already receives a Lifeline benefit

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Internet Speed Test
Use Speedtest on all your devices.

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Internet news & insights

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Fiber is the name of the game
Fiber is the name of the game

As GBT continues to provide the best Internet and Communication services to residents and businesses in our area, GBT is very excited to announce the expansion of Fiber services in 2022 to the communities of St. John and Larned, as well as bringing Fiber to the rural customers in the Garfield, Burdett, and Bison exchanges. The 2022 rural exchange Fiber builds will begin in Garfield this summer, followed by Burdett, and finishing in Bison.