Do you have good Internet? Do you have great Wifi?

December 1, 2021  |  3 min read

It’s Christmas time, which means many of you will be introducing more Internet-connected devices to your home. It can be challenging to buy something that doesn’t need the Internet to make it work, including TVs, gaming devices, cameras, appliances, and exercise equipment to name a few. So, what does your home need to ensure you can make these devices work and function at their optimal performance?

The two biggest factors impacting your Internet-connected devices and how enjoyable your experience includes: 1) how fast your Internet connection is; and 2) how good your wifi is throughout your entire home.

A quick google search of “what is fast Internet” offers many links and articles saying Internet download speeds of 100Mbps or higher are considered fast Internet. Just three years ago in 2018, 25Mbps was considered by many standards to be fast Internet. So why does Internet speed matter and why does the Internet speed that you used to have possibly not work any longer?

The amount of Internet speed (also known as bandwidth) is a set speed depending on what your home subscribes to. If you are using more bandwidth than what you are subscribed to, you will experience buffering or appearances that your Internet is not working at all. When you don’t have enough bandwidth, at times devices fight each other and lock up or appear to quit, which then causes user frustration!

The number of Internet-connected devices in homes today has generally led to a need for faster Internet. Pair that up with how information is now delivered, and you are looking at even more bandwidth usage! If you notice, companies have gotten very clever at implementing video in everything they deliver to you over the Internet. Humans are more attracted to video than reading articles (like this), which means there’s a greater chance the video will catch your attention. Videos use constant and much more Internet bandwidth than reading an article with just text.

What Internet speed does your home or business have today? Your GBT Invoice lists the download and upload speed you are subscribed to. We also are proud to say over 90% of our customers can receive 100Mbps or faster! If you want to try a faster Internet speed, now is a great time to take advantage of our Christmas offering: upgrade your connection and pay the same price as you’re paying now for 3 months!

The second factor that affects your Internet experience is your wifi connection or coverage. Long gone are the days where you have 1 desktop computer plugged into the router and that’s your only device connected to the Internet. Today, most homes don’t even have a device connected via hardwire and utilize the Internet all through wireless connections. Routers and the wireless coverage they provide continue to improve. If your router does not have AC or AX (Wifi 6) technology, you really need to look at upgrading your equipment. Outdated routers that are not supported or don’t have the latest security patches can open your home up to cyber vulnerabilities as well.

Sometimes a router isn’t enough to cover your entire home or business. If you have cameras on the outside of your home, or TVs, laptops, and other connected devices in the outer rooms or far away from your router that don’t seem to function properly or are always buffering, it might be time for an access point. An access point can help broadcast wifi coverage out further, reaching areas that your router can’t. If you have an old router or would like to extend your wifi coverage further, GBT has a great solution in our Managed Protection offering which includes Wifi 6 technology, automatic security updates, and the ability to add additional access points, increasing your wifi coverage.

Contact GBT today at 785-372-4236, customerservice@gbtlive.com, or www.gbta.net to help you get the best user experience for your Internet-connected devices this holiday season!