Notice to customers – February 2008

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made changes regarding Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) and how all telecommunications companies are to handle it. CPNI is personal information stored and collected by Golden Belt Telephone for billing and provisioning of services. Examples of information include specific subscriber call detail records, services, features, and selected long-distance carrier. Examples of non-protected (public record) information include name, address, and published phone number. Golden Belt Telephone will do everything possible to protect the privacy of your CPNI information. Part of the FCC rule changes requires our company to perform a customer authentication process anytime you call for or visit the office for protected account information. The following procedures have been put into place by Golden Belt Telephone to comply with these requirements:

If you VISIT the office for information, you may be asked to produce a photo id for identification purposes and to give us your password information.

If you CALL the office for information, you will need to provide the password information to allow us to share information about your account.

In addition, information will only be given to the person named on the account. If you would like other people (spouse, parents, children, employees, etc.) to have access and/or make changes to your account, please provide the names of those who you wish to have access to your account on the attached sheet and return it to our office. Remember, all contacts will need to know the password or the verification answer when they call in to our office.

Thank you for assisting us in protecting your personal information. If you have any questions, please call our office at 800-432-7965 or 785-372-4236.