It’s been nearly 2 months since many of us have been impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Depending on what your life, education, or work environment is has most likely played a significant role in how you’ve been affected. Just like most of the businesses we serve, GBT has had to make adjustments and changes in how we conduct business. Some challenges of these adjustments, including working from home and communicating while practicing social distancing, have been eased because of certain tools we have implemented as a business. Here are some tips and ideas we believe are important for the future of our area businesses, and these will help your business adapt for the digital age.


Replace or Upgrade Your Desktop Machines with Laptops and Docking Stations

During the pandemic, many have transitioned to working from home. For those who don’t have a laptop, this has created challenges with having to dismantle and take an office computer tower and monitor home and then reconnecting it once there. Although the laptop provides mobility and allows employees to work from anywhere, not everyone likes to work on a laptop, and some need multiple screens. We suggest businesses look at migrating to a laptop with a docking station which can accommodate multiple situations. This allows you to dock your laptop while you’re at work and connect multiple monitors to it, making it operate like a traditional computer with a mouse and keyboard, but with the ability to un-dock your laptop and take it wherever you need to go!

Firewall & Windows 10 Professional Allowing for VPN Security & Remote Desktop

If you utilize the Internet to conduct business, it is imperative you have the proper security in place to protect your network from the outside world. If employees work from home, a firewall with Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities allows your employees to connect to your servers back at your business through a secure, indecipherable tunnel, preventing hackers and scammers from stealing your business data. Windows 10 Professional version will also allow your employees to Remote Desktop into your business (Windows 10 Home version does not allow this).

Website or Social Media Page

Is your business open, or do you have someone answer your phone 24/7/365 days a year? Most of us would probably answer with a “no”, but that’s essentially what a website or social media page offers; access and availability to current and potential customers all the time. How are you communicating new office hours, closings, or changes you’ve had to make during these times to your customers? Many websites allow you to create shopping carts, setup forms where customers can inquire or provide information, and places to post information helping drive business. Most social media pages are free and are an easy way to let your customers know what is going on. Both options allow you to attract business from all over the world, not just the area where you live and work.

Migrate to a Hosted Cloud Phone System

Would you like to easily transfer your business calls to your cell phone, or take your business phone home with you, so it appears as if you’re still working in the office when you call? These and many other great and convenient features are available with the Hosted Cloud Phone Solution.

The GBT Business Service team is here to assisnt you with any needs your business may have. 


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