Board of Directors

Update: 4/22/2021

GBT conducted its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, at the main GBT office in Rush Center.  In consideration of all cooperative members, GBT felt it was best to conduct a drive-thru meeting where members were given an Annual Meeting booklet which contained GBT’s records for 2020, as well as a ballot.  The Board of Trustees called the meeting in order to elect Board members for District #3 representing Beeler and Ness City and District #7 representing Garfield and Lewis.  Clyde Sutton was elected to represent District #3 and Ron Gruber was elected to represent District #7. 

Jim Jecha, GBT Board President

Jim Jecha
District 5
Albert, Bison, Otis & Timken

Clyde Sutton, GBT Board member

Clyde Sutton
Vice President
District 3
Beeler & Ness City

Cinda Flax, GBT Board member

Cinda Flax
District 1
Brownell, Ransom & Utica

Philip Martin, GBT Board Member

Philip Martin
District 2
Ellis & McCracken

Gene Knieling, GBT Board member

Gene Knieling
District 4
Alexander, Bazine & Rush Center

Brian Hammeke, GBT Board member

Brian Hammeke
District 6
Burdett & Rozel

Ron Gruber, GBT Board member

Rob Gruber
District 7
Garfield & Lewis

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