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Fiber Internet for Larned

GBT is excited to announce we are bringing world-class Fiber communication services to the residential homes of Larned! With GBT’s fiber, Larned will have access to some of the fastest and most reliable Internet available in the world, as well as have access to Streaming TV and Voice services.


What's the big deal about Fiber?

Fiber optics today is the best type of technology to provide Internet service. Fiber is a buzzword for those that do not have it but also the most expensive way to provide service. Fiber is the best because it can deliver very fast synchronous download and upload speeds and is the most reliable. Fiber is also the best when it comes to latency, which is the time it takes to send information.  When it comes to latency, the lower the number the better, and typically fiber can produce latency at 17 milliseconds (ms) or quicker.  Fiber is typically a dedicated connection to every home or business and does not have its bandwidth shared between other subscribers within a service group.

Will I have to pay for construction if I want fiber at my house?

Fiber will be brought to each primary premise free of charge. In the Staking phase, GBT representatives will reach out to each owner to discuss fiber placement.

What Internet plans will be offered?

Fiber allows you to have exceptional upload and download speeds. At this time, the plans and offerings will be announced as we get begin the construction phase.

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