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2022 GBT Annual Meeting
April 1, 2022

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April 2022 | 5 MIN READ



GBT members who have speeds up to 1 Gig!

$3.85 M

Dollars GBT has invested to bring Fiber to our members.

$1.7 M

Dollars in capital credits that were retired

$1.7 M

Dollars GBT donated back to our communities to improve lives and promote the local economy.


As we look back at 2021, it will go down as a transformational year for the Cooperative and industry.  The importance of broadband was brought on by the onset of COVID as many across the country were working, educating, shopping, and participating in wellness from home.  The demand for Internet and usage of the GBT network was the highest the Cooperative had witnessed to date, and it generated many conversations about universal broadband and the billons of Federal dollars earmarked to address unserved and underserved areas across the country. 


Where is GBT in comparison to the rest of providers around the country?  We are all exposed to the advertising of the national providers across some medium, so we hear about fast speeds, 5G, fiber, etc.  The truth of the matter is, GBT is very different from those national providers focused on providing a return to their shareholders and with whom they have little to no idea of who their customers are.  GBT is focused on our mission of providing the best user experience to our customers through reliable state-of-the-art communications services.  Our customers are our neighbors, friends, and members who live and play in the same communities we serve and love!  Our network is connecting 95% of the members by state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure that allows them to have speeds up to 1 GIG upload and download.  While big, out-of-state broadband providers are making a big deal about starting to bring fiber to rural communities, GBT first brought fiber to our members in the late 1990’s and connected the first community to fiber-to-the-home in 2008!  Today GBT has less than 200 members that do not have access to fiber-to-the-home, but plans are in place to connect 100% of our members within the next couple of years.  Compare that to the recent Fiber Broadband Association report of only 43% of U.S. households having access to a fiber connection!  In 2021, the Cooperative built fiber to the Brownell, Bazine, and McCracken rural exchanges, with plans to build the three rural exchanges of Bison, Burdett, and Garfield in 2022. 


 To push our fiber to more of our members faster, the Cooperative has increased our investment into our Physical Plant.  GBT invested over $3.85 million dollars last year to deliver fiber to members.  On top of the investment of fiber, $1.7 million in capital credits were retired.  One core value most important to our Board and Employees is giving back to our communities, and in particular, our youth.  GBT donated $14,000 back to our communities to improve lives and promote the local economy, plus giving 10 scholarships which totaled over $10,000 to area youth to further their education! 

“Having an open mind and embracing technology could give many of us and our loved ones a better quality of life.”

The constant technology, regulatory, and demographic changes impacting our business has led us to reach out to neighboring communities and grow our service offerings to maintain our balance sheet.  The core of our business remains around broadband and phone service.  However, the company also delivers television, security, business solutions, and Nex-tech Wireless service to our members.  Last year all members were converted to StreamIT television service to help control cost, providing a feature-rich experience, no clunky set-top, Free HD, Free DVR, and enabling easier access to other streaming platforms.  One of our fastest growing services is our Business Technology Solutions offering.  As technology evolves and society becomes more dependent on the Internet, attacks have become increasingly more common.  Small businesses are often the target of cyberattacks because of the lack of security infrastructure.  Our team is close, accessible, and ready to help keep your business running!

The services we deliver are exceptional for one reason:  our people.  The ones who dress in their GBT blue proudly every day and come prepared to deliver on the services we promise. Our employees embrace our values and strive to deliver a service that is unmatched.  Our ability to continue to grow, keep prices down, and deliver a reliable offering is due to their dedication and direction from the Board of Directors.  Since the last Annual Meeting our team has four new individuals to help serve the needs of our members.  Drew Clarke (Ness City), Patrick Jacobs (Rush Center), Kevin Holt (Larned), and Amber Russell (St. John).

We appreciate the support, trust, and patience of our customers/members.  Your support has allowed us to build a world-class network, deliver state-of-the-art services, and give back to our communities.  Hopefully, our actions demonstrate our commitment to keeping you connected!

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A Contunious Commitment to our Communities | GBT’s 2021 Year in Recap

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2023 Annual Meeting Recap
2023 Annual Meeting Recap

GBT held its 70th Annual Meeting Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at the GBT Headquarters in Rush Center.  A drive-thru meeting was conducted, with 124 Members receiving an Annual Meeting booklet of 2022 Reports, along with a ballot.   Board member elections were held for District 2 – Ellis, McCracken and District 4 – Alexander, Bazine, Rush Center.   Election Results:  District 2 – Philip Martin; District 4 – Gene Knieling.   All members attending were provided a BBQ meal and door prizes.   Congratulations to the following winners of the Special Drawing Prizes:   Retirement of $250 Capital Credit – Paul Jost, Rush Center Retirement of $250 Capital Credit – Daryl North, Ellis 1 Month Free Internet – Lavern Schneider, Albert 1 Month Free Internet – Terry Seltmann, Rush Center $70 GBT Bill Credit – Joey Bevitt, Rush Center $70 GBT Bill Credit – Clarence Foos, Bazine $70 GBT Bill Credit –Harry & Helen Thorne, Rozel $70 GBT Bill Credit –Corey & Cari Torrez, Rush Center $70 GBT Bill Credit –Brandi Seltmann, Bazine $70 GBT Bill Credit –Hoop & Twila Higgins, McCracken $70 GBT Bill Credit – Don Hanhardt, Albert $70 GBT Bill Credit – Fred Flax, Ransom $70 GBT Bill Credit – Cynthya Billinger, Lewis $70 GBT Bill Credit – Linda Bahr, Otis

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I am grateful to have this yearly opportunity to connect with our members and share cooperative happenings. It allows GBT representatives to visit and provide members with our successes, challenges, finances, and plans for the future.   For 70 years, all our member-owners have trusted us to connect you to the world. Although we call this an annual meeting, it is really a celebration for you, our member-owners. This year embarks a special celebration as the cooperative not only celebrates its 70th year in business, but also anticipates crossing the finish line on connecting every member with FIBER!!! The Cooperative covers over 3,200 square miles with 1.6 members per mile, so this mark comes with a lot of pride from the GBT team. This kind of accomplishment doesn’t happen without a vision that has covered many decades of sound leadership, planning, and commitment from past and present Board members and employees.   Over the last couple decades, that vision includes investing in fiber; GBT believes a fiber investment is one that keeps the future in mind. A fiber network transforms rural areas by strengthening commerce, advancing education, enabling precision agriculture, and improving healthcare. The GBT Board gave the direction to begin plowing fiber to its members in 2007, and now in 2023, we are 97% complete! GBT has invested over $46 million dollars in fiber to the home builds since the Board directed back in ‘07. In 2022, the rural areas of Garfield and nearly all the Bison exchange were completed, along with the City of St. John. It is our objective to build the rural areas of Burdett, Otis, Utica, and Beeler this year, along with the cities of Larned, Macksville, and Stafford. We can be grateful that our financial position comes at a time when we are on the cusp of a capital expenditure program of more than $15 million in fiber deployment. The cooperative feels very strongly about ensuring our members have a reliable and quality broadband...

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