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Fiber is the name of the game
March 30, 2022

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As GBT continues to provide the best Internet and Communication services to residents and businesses in our area, GBT is very excited to announce the expansion of Fiber services in 2022 to the communities of St. John and Larned, as well as bringing Fiber to the rural customers in the Garfield, Burdett, and Bison exchanges. The 2022 rural exchange Fiber builds will begin in Garfield this summer, followed by Burdett, and finishing in Bison.


St. John – Bringing an even BETTER user experience.

GBT has been providing communication services to the community of St. John since 2008. GBT General Manager Beau Rebel stated, “With the continued growth and support GBT has seen in the community and the need for even faster Internet services than what we provide today, it was an easy decision to invest and upgrade our current infrastructure to a fully Fiber network within the entire city limits of St. John. We hope the community is excited to have access to Fiber services and understands the positive economic impacts Fiber can have with this upgrade.” GBT plans to start converting St. John customers to Fiber in the Summer of 2022.

“It was an easy decision to invest and upgrade our current infrastructure to a fully Fiber network within the entire city limits of St. John. We hope the community is excited to have access to Fiber services and understands the positive economic impacts Fiber can have with this upgrade.”

Larned – Filling a Fiber need.

In Larned, GBT brought Fiber communication services to many of the businesses in 2018. The businesses that switched to GBT’s Fiber services have consistently voiced praise about GBT’s reliability, price, and the level of customer service they have received compared to what they had experienced from their previous communication provider. GBT General Manager commented, “As business customers have become familiar to GBT’s service, now the biggest question we get ‘is when can I get GBT service at my house?’ With GBT’s commitment to helping the Golden Belt area thrive and ensure residents and businesses have access to world-class communication services and not fall behind from a connectivity standpoint, it only makes sense that GBT expands our Fiber services to residents of Larned so they can enjoy what many of our GBT customers have become accustomed to in the last 10 to 15 years.” GBT will begin deploying Fiber in phases to the community of Larned, with 2 phases constructed in late Fall of 2022. If you live in Larned and want to keep up with progress or show your interest, visit our Larned Fiber webpage.

What is the big deal about Fiber?

In the technology world, Fiber is still king, and if you’re not expanding communication services by deploying Fiber, you’re most likely falling behind. Now some might ask about 5G, but what many don’t understand is 5G CAN’T WORK WITHOUT FIBER. Secondly, when GBT brings Fiber to a home or business, you are essentially getting 10G-like technology at your door! Fiber gives GBT’s customers a future-proof network that can provide the fastest speeds with the best reliability in the world!

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A Contunious Commitment to our Communities

Embracing technology affects quality of life?

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I am grateful to have this yearly opportunity to connect with our members and share cooperative happenings. It allows GBT representatives to visit and provide members with our successes, challenges, finances, and plans for the future.   For 70 years, all our member-owners have trusted us to connect you to the world. Although we call this an annual meeting, it is really a celebration for you, our member-owners. This year embarks a special celebration as the cooperative not only celebrates its 70th year in business, but also anticipates crossing the finish line on connecting every member with FIBER!!! The Cooperative covers over 3,200 square miles with 1.6 members per mile, so this mark comes with a lot of pride from the GBT team. This kind of accomplishment doesn’t happen without a vision that has covered many decades of sound leadership, planning, and commitment from past and present Board members and employees.   Over the last couple decades, that vision includes investing in fiber; GBT believes a fiber investment is one that keeps the future in mind. A fiber network transforms rural areas by strengthening commerce, advancing education, enabling precision agriculture, and improving healthcare. The GBT Board gave the direction to begin plowing fiber to its members in 2007, and now in 2023, we are 97% complete! GBT has invested over $46 million dollars in fiber to the home builds since the Board directed back in ‘07. In 2022, the rural areas of Garfield and nearly all the Bison exchange were completed, along with the City of St. John. It is our objective to build the rural areas of Burdett, Otis, Utica, and Beeler this year, along with the cities of Larned, Macksville, and Stafford. We can be grateful that our financial position comes at a time when we are on the cusp of a capital expenditure program of more than $15 million in fiber deployment. The cooperative feels very strongly about ensuring our members have a reliable and quality broadband...

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Fiber Internet for Rural Pawnee & Stafford Counties
Fiber Internet for Rural Pawnee & Stafford Counties

Governor Kelly recently announced that GBT was awarded a $6,782,694 grant from the State of Kansas through the Kansas Capital Project Funds Broadband Infrastructure Program. This grant will be used by GBT to provide Fiber Internet, Voice, & TV services to approximately 530 homes, businesses, and other public institutions. The project, which consists of the entire eastern half of Rural Pawnee County and a western portion of Rural Stafford County, will provide fiber-fed, high-speed broadband for the first time to residents who live in these under-served areas. GBT, headquartered in Rush Center, Kansas and celebrating its 70th year of operation, has been deploying Fiber to the Premise for 15 years in the communities and rural areas of western Kansas. With the awarding of this grant, GBT will be able to offer this area the latest in broadband technologies, including Internet speeds up to 1 Gig. To read the full press release click here.

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