Irrigation Center Pivot Monitoring

irrigation-systemThe systems consists of a small unit, mounted on the end tower of the pivot system. That unit includes a GPS and a cell phone modem. It monitors and controls several functions of the pivot and well. Each customer will have his own Internet home page where he can easily check on the status of his system(s) and control several functions depending on which unit he has.Several model are available and can range from $750-$1100 per pivot. An annual service is also needed and depending on the controls desired, the cost can range from $150-$300/year. 

GBT can install the systems or if the customer chooses to self install we will assist with directions.

To see a demo of our systems go to: The username is "demo" and the password is "agsense".


Pivot monitor mounts on the
uprights of the end tower.
A GPS, water pressure sensor
and cell phone modem combine
to give status and provide control.

field commander (2)
irrig 2 Check or control your
pivot(s) from your laptop,
cell phone or smartphone
irrig 3 (2)

irrig 4

Each user has his own secure webpage. The webpage displays many status measurements
such as pivot position, direction, speed, water pressure, and running time. It will also graph
several inputs. Control can be done with pre-sets or instantly via cell phone or website. The
user will add his own pre-sets, such as accurate end gun control or running time. The web
site will also allow function such as cell phone numbers to call for alarms such as a pivot
being stuck or stopped.