Calling Features


Sim Ring


Terminating Call Manager
(Telemarketing Block)
Wake up Service – Notify Plus $3.50






Account Code Plus - $2/mo - Allow, block, or set time limits for general categories of calls, such as long distance calls or even for specific phone numbers. Set up individual accounts with customized rules for everyone with no account limit. Each account gets a PIN that must be entered when a restricted number is dialed. The system then checks to see if the call is allowed for that account. Receive reports showing summary information about account activity. Back

Anonymous Call Rejection - $1/mo - Enables user to block calls from unidentified numbers. Free yourself from unwanted calls from salespeople, recruiters, or other people that can drain productivity time.
Directions: Dial *77, listen for beeps to establish Dial *87, listen for beeps to deactivate Back

Automatic Call Back - $1/mo - Allows user to automatically redial last number dialed. If the number is busy, the switch monitors the busy number up to 30 minutes.
Directions: Dial *66. Back

Automatic Call Return - $1/mo - Allows user to automatically call the last number which called them.
Directions: Dial *69 Back

Call Forward - $1/mo - Allows user to forward their incoming calls to another number.
Directions: Dial *72, dial the number you want your calls forwarded to. If someone answers at that number, it’s established. If the call isn’t answered, hang up and repeat the process. Dial *73 to deactivate. Back

Call Forward Busy - $1/mo - Allows user to forward calls to another telephone number if their line is busy.
Directions: Dial *90, dial the phone number where you wish your calls forwarded to. Dial *91 to deactivate. Back

Call Forward No Answer - $1/mo - Allows user to redirect incoming calls to another phone number when the phone is not answered within a designated number of rings.
Directions: Dial *92, Dial number of rings 2-9 before it answers, dial *99 Dial *93 to deactivate. Back

Call Logging - $1/mo - Keeps record of all incoming and outgoing calls with who called, who was called, phone number, date, time, duration and results of the transaction. Back

Call Name Delivery (Caller ID) - $3.50/mo - Allows user to know who is calling before they answer the phone and keep a record of the last calls received. Back

Call Name Block - $1/mo - Allows user to block delivery of their name and number to the called party or can block per call by dialing *67. User can also unblock the service on a per call basis by dialing *82. Back

Call Originating Calls ( Deny) - $1/mo - Restrict the use of your telephone to incoming calls only. With Deny Origination, you cannot make any outgoing calls. Back

Call Waiting - $1/mo - Allows user to know a second caller is calling when using the phone. Depress the receiver or flash button, which puts the first caller on hold, and then connected to second caller. Directions: User can alternate between calls. Can deactivate per call, Dial *70 + number. Back

Call Waiting/Caller ID - $1/mo - Allows user to know who is calling when they are on the phone. Must have individual Caller Id and Call Waiting features for this option to work.

Call Waiting Selective Ringing - $1.50/mo - Allows user to define a list of up to 12 calling directory numbers that will provide a special incoming ring. Any incoming calls from numbers on this list will be indicated by a distinctive ring.
Directions: Dial *61 and follow recorded instructions Back

Deny Terminating Calls - $1/mo - Restricts user’s telephone to outbound calls only. With Deny Termination, you cannot accept any incoming calls. Back

Find Me - $3.50/mo - This feature will allow the user to have up to nine other phones ring, either simultaneously or in sequence, when someone calls the users landline phone.  It is the perfect solution for a busy person who may be in or out of several offices or homes and people who want to reach him do not know which ones of his phones to call.  If someone answers one of the ringing phones a voice will announce, “ I have a call for John Smith, if you are not that person, please hang up”. The feature will continue to ring other phones.

Another part of this feature will give the user the ability to transfer a call to another phone. For example, if the user is on a landline call and needs to go ,but it is also important to finish his conversation, he can simple press *1 (* code is dependant on configuration) and the call is transferred to his cell phone, making him mobile again.

Subscribers can manage this service using the web-portal: (case sensitive). Here is the users guide. Back.

Ring Again - $2/mo - Allowss user to instruct the phone system to notify them when the person called is no longer busy with another call.
Directions: After reaching a busy signal, depress receiver or flash button, dial *66. Back

Ring Again Denial - $1/mo - It keeps callers from being able to use the Ring Again feature. Back

Selective Call Acceptance - $1.50/mo - Allows you to define up to 12 calling numbers that will be accepted.
Directions: Dial *64 and follow the prompts Back

Selective Call Forwarding - $1.50/mo - Allows user to forward a group of numbers to another number. Only that group of numbers will be forwarded.
Directions: Dial *63 and follow the prompts Back

Selective Call Rejection - $1.50/mo - Allows user to block up to 12 calling numbers.
Directions: Dial *60 and follow the prompts Back

Sim Ring - $3.50/mo - Allows an incoming call to automatically ring up to 4 other phone numbers to find the user. Easy for callers to find user without having to try a list of phone numbers.
Directions: Dial *55 and follow the prompts Back

Speed Dial 8 - $1/mo - Allows user to dial number 2-9 to quickly dial a programmed phone number.
Directions: Dial *74 and follow the prompts to program numbers, then dial *2 to *9. Back

Teen Line/Distinctive Ring - $2/mo - Additional number assigned to your existing phone number with a two short ring tone. Can be used for a Fax Machine or Teenager Line. Back

Terminating Call Manager (Telemarketing Block) - $3/mo - Allows user to intercept telemarketer calls. Message says user doesn’t accept telemarketer calls and put them on the “DO NOT CALL” list. Other callers are advised to dial 1 or stay on the line to be connected to user.
Directions: Dial *95 and follow the prompts. Dial *96 to add the last caller’s number to your blocked list. Back

Three Way Calling - $1/mo - Allows user to add third party to a call.
Directions: Establish first call, depress receiver or flash button, dial third person’s telephone number and when they answer, depress receiver or flash button to complete the three way call. Back

Toll Block - $2/mo - Blocks all long distance calls including 0+, 1+ and 900 Calls. Only 911, 800# and local calls are allowed. Back

User Call Transfer - $1/mo - Allows user to transfer a call to another phone number.
Directions: While on the phone call, press receiver or flash button, dial the number where call is being transferred, listen for ringing, after second caller answers, hang up and call will be transferred. Back

Voicemail - $3.95/mo - Allows 24-hour from home & remote access to voice messaging service. It will answer telephone calls and allow callers to leave messages. Back
Initial Setup - Dial *99, enter 7 digit telephone number, enter default password (0000)
Mailbox Setup - Press 9, follow prompts for greeting options, change password, notification options, disable/enable auto login, press * to returned to main menu
To Change Greeting - Press 1 for greeting options, press 4 to record your greeting, press # to end recording function, press 1 to listen to greeting, press 2 to save greeting, press 3 to delete greeting, press 4 to re-record greeting, press * to return to mail box setup
To Change Password - Press 2 to change password, enter new password followed by # key, to verify enter password again
Activate Voicemail - Call Forward Don’t Answer – Dial *92, (# of rings 2-9), Dial *99 Deactivate – Dial *93
Call Forward Busy – Dial *90*99 Deactivate – Dial *91
Call Forward All Calls – Dial *72*99 Deactivate – Dial *73
NOTE: Call Forward No Answer & Call Forward Busy can be activated at the same time.
To Retrieve Messages - Press 1 for new messages, Press 2 for saved messages, Press * to return to main menu Back

Accessing Voice Messaging away from home
Directions: Call home number and press the *key while greeting is playing, enter your password followed by #key, press 1 to retrieve, 3 to send, 7 for date & time, 9 for mailbox setup
When Listening to Messages - Press 1 to play or replay message, press 2 to save messages & go to next, press 3 to delete message & go to next, press 4 to save the message as new, press 5 to replay a message, press 6 to forward the message, press 7 to skip back 3 seconds, press 8 to pause, press 9 to skip ahead 3 seconds, press * to return to main menu Back

Warm Line - $1/mo - The phone will automatically dial a preselected number within 60 seconds after the receiver is lifted off the hook. Ideal for the elderly, handicapped or disabled to signal for help. Back

Wake up Service – Notify Plus --$3.50/mo - Allows a user to schedule up to two wake-up calls at any time within the next twenty four (24) hours.  Notify Plus will allow customers to turn their landline phone into a powerful automated messaging service that will deliver phone calls, e-mails and even text messages!