Cloud Services

Hosted Exchange Email

Email has become a primary and business critical form of communication in today’s business workforce.  GBT Communications Hosted Exchange email solutions provides several value added features.

  • Business formatted email
  • Personal and shared electronic calendars
  • Task Manager
  • Address and contact list management
  • Eliminate cost of on-premise server
  • Unlimited number of users

Email Security Solutions

A good email service should also include email protection and security.  In today’s business environment over 80% of intellectual data is stored in or communicated via email.  Email security solutions offers multiple checkpoints that will keep your emails secure and easy for you to manage.

  • Email Protection protects against spam, viruses, and intercepts data that shouldn’t be emailed
  • Email Archiving uses safeguard features to preserve and protect your business’ intellectual property
  • Message Encryption allows the encryption of sensitive email, including contacts, financial data, and more
  • Message Mirroring gives the ability to duplicate every incoming and outgoing message into separate folders automatically.

Collaboration & File Management

The success of businesses typically depends on multiple people working on a common project from different locations.  GBT’s Collaboration & File Management makes this difficult task work flawlessly.

  • Skype for Business enriches business communication with a platform for professional meetings and collaboration.
  • Boost productivity by easily collaborating with group chat and desktop sharing
  • Reduce travel costs by holding voice-and video-enabled meetings
  • Sync files and folders across every device with the ability to share with designated recipients inside and outside the company
  • Protect privacy and network content with permissions-based sharing and comprehensive security features

Identity & Access Management

With GBT’s AppID Single Sign-On, you can improve web access security and provide ease of access with one-click, one password control to web applications.  2-factor authentication can be enabled for added security.

  • Eliminate the need to remember dozens of passwords or  bookmark login pages
  • Promote strong password policies
  • Reduce help desk calls by allowing customers’ users to provision their own apps, reset their own passwords and more
  • Help keep users productive by eliminating the downtime caused by app switching

Office 365 Solutions

Are you ready for Microsoft Office in the Cloud?  Let GBT help you deploy and maintain your Microsoft Office 365 Business Productivity Solution in the cloud.
  • Office 365’s cloud-based model streamlines installation, upgrades, management and security, freeing up time and making the most of IT budgets
  • Enhanced productivity with auto-updates, availability on any operating system and built-in security and compliance
  • Eliminates need for time-consuming implementation, licensing, headaches, and software support
  • Automatic upgrades, patches, and updates on every managed device in the organization at no additional costs

Cloud Server

Cloud server is an enterprise-grade cloud application designed specifically around the business needs of small-market-businesses providing superior performance and security.  It can be scaled as needed to fit your server and business application demands.

  • Architechted specifically around superior performance, availability, and data protection
  • Backed by 24/7 technical and onboarding support
  • Avoid high IT costs and no configuration or integration headaches
  • Manage costs with a monthly-fixed cost

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